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Discover my learnings on how to move faster and break things.

Web3/Crypto Marketing

Learn from the Expert

I have done a lot of Web3/Crypto work over the past few years:
- Launching an ICO in 2019 with Neil Patel
- Consulting for ConsenSys’ special projects
- Mentor at Oasis Blockchain Labs

With the mix of my quality and years of experience as a Web3 expert, I have discovered the growth marketing strategies that work for the industry. Allow me to share with you what you need to know when it comes to playing above, inside, and around Web3.

Courses and Webinars

For this training, you would have access to free courses, webinars, and resources that would help you with your Web3/Crypto career.

You'll learn how to:
✅ Apply the secret sauce of successful crypto & Web3 campaigns
✅ Identify the differences between Web 2.0 & Web3 marketing tactics
✅ Build a framework to avoid time-consuming marketing efforts and accelerate customer acquisition


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Recorded Talks

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From Workshops & TRAININGS

Student Testimonials

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"It was great talking with Daniel! It was a short call, but he managed to provide so much value in only 15 minutes of talk. Plus, he shared relevant resources for me to learn more about my problem. You won't regret it if you schedule a session with him.

Andrew Klerck

Ljubica Simonova

GrowthMentor Mentee
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Very friendly and knowledgeable, Daniel sympathized with the challenges I'm facing in the job, gave me good inputs and redirected me to useful resources that fit with my current situation.

Silvia, Mentee

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Daniel was a great skilled mentor. He provided hands-on tips and great ideas going through his experience on how to generate new growth experiments for startups. 5 stars!

Nicola, Mentee

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It is clear that Daniel is knowledgeable in many areas of growth and I loved having the opportunity to bounce ideas back and forth with him.

Dana, Mentee