Image to Painting

Image to Painting was a service where you could upload precious photos and turn them into beautiful, photorealistic hand-painted paintings shipped straight to your door.


UI Design


Testing & UX

the challenge

Starting from Scratch

Image to Painting was my first startup founded to raise enough money to fund my true passion for cycling. It turns out we were ahead of the curve and ended up finding product-market fit quickly!

Developing the brand

Starting from scratch, I developed the brand from the ground up, sourcing the painters, setting up the supply chain and selling the product. This was done over two years and was where I learnt most of my lessons in running a business. Once the operations side was sorted, I worked on developing a customer acquisition process. First, it was door to door sales; then SEO made progress to paid social advertising and referral-based marketing.

Resulting in annual revenue of £1m+, it was sold to a PE firm in Houston. Not bad from the total cost of £2,000.

The marketing success came from understanding the personal significance of the images to each user and ensuring anything we created was tailored to their requirements.