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I'm Daniel and I specialise in engineering scalable growth strategies for startups and teaching corporations to innovate like unicorns.

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What I Do

Strategy & Direction

Customer first. Developing holistic, data-driven customer acquisition strategies to drive high-quality customer growth.

Digital Marketing

Every channel - try me. Facebook, Google, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, App Marketing, B2B Lead Gen & more.

Professional Speaking

Bringing work to life. Helping to inspire, motivate and teach startups and corporations to faster and become more innovative in a post pandemic world.

Fractional CMO

Proven expertise. Get expert marketing leadership with an in-depth strategic perspective without hiring full-time in-house.

Startups & Corporates

Brands I've Worked With

University of Cambridge
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Alzheimer's Society
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Nice Things People Have Said

Anthony Gale

Daniel’s expertise is evident by the results he brings to the table, with the ability to look at growth challenges strategically and close up.

Anthony Gale

CEO, Shoprocket
James Lethem

I am very impressed by Daniel’s detailed insight when working with startups through Google Launchpad. He is an excellent digital marketing expert I’d hire again.

James Lethem

Google Launchpad

Daniel has proven himself, again and again, to be an efficient and effective data-lead growth expert, looking forward to working with him again soon.

Matthew Eisner

What I've done

My Experience

Image to Painting

Executed all online and offline marketing to grow revenue.


Helped to increase user base and generate brand awareness.


Designed and executed digital marketing activities.


Designed and executed digital marketing activities.


Ran marketing strategy and execution to generate over 12,000 downloads in <8 months.

SWIG Flasks

Increased revenue through various marketing campaigns.

Google Launchpad

Designed and executed digital marketing activities.


Designed and executed digital marketing activities.

Neuchâtel Partners

Designed and executed digital marketing activities.

Cambridge University

Guest Speaker on Growth Marketing at the Judge Business School.

Alzheimer’s Society

Assisted customer acquisition campaign with a focus on improving KPIs.

FinTech Challenger Bank

Worked as a consultant to improve ROAS by 0.7X.

Nice to meet you

Hey, I'm Daniel 👋🏾

I help startups develop systems, infrastructure and processes to drive repeatable, scaleable and predictable growth. Sometimes I'll join as an interim CMO to get things moving. For other companies, I might get involved as an advisor or a consultant: coaching, mentoring, training, and getting suitable systems in place. 🚀

I enjoy getting involved during change, fast growth, or fundraising/M&A.

With extensive experience, particularly in the apps, SaaS, e-commerce & crypto/Web3 industries, I do growth the right way. As a founder, employee, and consultant, I have a unique perspective on what businesses need to grow.

I help businesses improve their north star KPI using a lean, data-driven approach. I cut through the BS of 'growth hacking' to help the startup community grow based on methods that have been validated and results that speak for themselves.

I have a successful track record and can demonstrate results and the methodology.

In the past five years, I have:
> Spent £10m+ on PPC / Paid Acquisition with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Taboola
> Generated over £15m in revenue for various e-commerce stores
> Created millions of downloads for multiple apps
>Mentored startups around the world> Lectured on Growth Marketing at Cambridge University
> Had ads seen by more than half of all internet users

From Inventor to Marketer
Born in 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Daniel Johnson is a growth marketing expert helping startups grow and corporates to move like startups. An aspiring "inventor" at a young age, he concocted eclectic ideas designed to solve problems in his daily life. It led him to create (and fail at) several startups.

At 18, with no significant academic qualifications, he started working at his first startup as the Assistant to the Newsletter Assistant. Eventually, he progressed to Head of Marketing at several Series A & B businesses.

He became a freelancer looking to expand his experience, working on various projects in different industries, including crypto, FMCG, SaaS and Ecommerce.

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Daniel Johnson

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Working in sales can be fast-paced and high-pressure, and neglecting your well-being will negatively impact your work.
Daniel Johnson from We Scale Startups reminds us that to stay motivated in sales, you need to strive for a solid work-life balance.

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