Engineering Scalable Growth

Driving predictable, scalable & repeatable growth.

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Google, Twitter & LinkedIn Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, App Marketing, B2B Lead Gen + more.

Marketing Strategy

Helping companies understand their most valuable customers and identify techniques to acquire them sustainably over the long-term.


Working with organisations as an acting CMO to assist in setting up, managing and optimising their marketing campaigns.

Public Speaking

Helping people generate marketing innovation and growth to drive their organisation further using contemporary growth techniques.

I have worked with


“I am very impressed to see Daniel’s detailed insight when working with startups through Google Launchpad. He is an excellent digital marketing expert that I’d hire again.”

James Lethem
Google Launchpad

“Daniel has proven himself, again and again, to be an efficient and effective data-lead growth expert, looking forward to working with him again soon.”

Matthew Eisner

Daniel’s expertise is evident by the results he brings to the table, with the ability to look at growth challenges strategically and close up.”

Anthony Gale
CEO @ Shoprocket

Who am I?

I’m Daniel – a freelance marketing & growth expert based in London. I specialise in helping companies and startups acquire the right kind of high-quality users that are critical to your mission.

I do this by deeply understanding who your customers are and by finding ways to bring them on board in a way that is scalable, predictable and repeatable by creating a Growth Machine. I have capacity to assist in advisory or executionary roles, so do get in touch and lets see if I can help.

Projects I’ve worked on:


Ran marketing and generated over 12,000 downloads in <8 months.

Image to Painting

Executed all online and offline marketing to grow revenue.


Helped to increase userbase and generate brand awareness.


Worked on product development and growth strategy.


Designed and executed digital marketing activities.


Designed and executed digital marketing activities.

SWIG Flasks

Assisted in increasing revenue through various marketing campaigns.

Google Launchpad

Mentored over 50 startups in UK, Africa and Europe on marketing.


Assisted in marketing execution with L’Oréal account on social media.

Neuchâtel Partners

Formed digital launch strategy for the Bugscore platform.

Cambridge University

Lectured students on Startup Marketing at Judge Business School.

Alzheimer’s Society

Assisted customer acquisition campaign with a focus on improving KPIs.

Where do I work?

Based in Waterloo, London but work worldwide.

I ❤️ to travel and in the last two years I have helped clients in: Richmond, USA – London, UK – Dublin, Ireland – Lagos, Nigeria – Kiev, Ukraine.

…Daniel increased our visit to paid conversion rate by over 30% in 20 days!

Discover what effective data-driven customer acquistion can do to drive your business forward.


By experimenting.

By helping clients with different customers and using different channels, I have been able to generate frameworks which help to rapidly and accurately connect your ideal customer to your startup.

Custom Services Available

Here are just some of the services that I offer companies. If you’re looking for something more custom, please do let me know.

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Marketing Execution

Executing on marketing campaigns!

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Working with organisations as an acting CMO to assist in setting up, managing and optimising their marketing campaigns.

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Growth Workshop

A day/half-day workshop with your team to identify potential experimentation and growth opportunities.

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Growth Mentorship

Weekly stand-ups with team to push forward execution of experimenting and facilitate concepting of new experiments.

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