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Helping startups scale and corporates move faster in a post-pandemic world.


Public Speaking, Training & Workshops

Public Speaking

Training & Development

As an experienced speaker, I have been speaking professionally to help inspire, educate and motivate audiences across various ages, demographics and locations.

My talks focus on sharing the latest and greatest growth marketing knowledge to help startups move faster and corporates innovate in a post-pandemic world.

I've spent hours online and offline at world-leading digital and growth marketing conferences and talking to audiences of more than 1,000 people, sharing the latest actionable tips, tricks, and hacks to get ahead in competitive markets.

From long term, execution-focused development of executives in well funded tech startups in the UK and US to one-day strategy workshops for corporates to understand how to move at the speed of a startup.

I develop highly personalised, high-quality, actionable training both in person and online.

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Recorded Talks

Beginners Guide to Growth Marketing

Actionable Growth Marketing for Startups

Getting the Best Out of Your Team

Important things startups neglect

Other Talks

Conventional wisdom states that wisdom comes with age. But listening to Daniel Johnson’s talk on how startups can successfully scale through growth marketing strategies, I have to admit that this young entrepreneur has a lot more to teach us oldies, than meets the eye.

Daniel’s talk is packed with practical and implementable strategies for any startup which truly wants to scale to previously unthinkable heights.
Andrew Klerck
Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub
For the first time I have been left with an actionable next steps of taking my business to the next level.
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General Assembly
We received great feedback on your growth marketing workshop from  attendees. Thanks Dan.
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